Would you like to explore your creative side?

Are you looking for support to develop new techniques or tools to express your creativity?


With his work being exhibited across the UK and Europe, Mark is getting to realise a creative dream which he harboured for 20 years. Now a grandfather, he is setting out on a new journey to help others pursue their own artistic hopes and vision. 

Whether you're an experienced amateur artist, or a complete beginner, Mark's relaxed, intuitive approach to teaching will help you develop your own creative identity, and to explore new techniques and materials. 

Mark also offers workshops for groups of 7-10 people following a specific theme. These can range from painting galaxies and star-fields in the style of his "Wonder of the Cosmos" series, to more traditional landscapes. These sessions typically last 2 hours, and each attendee goes home with a finished (if a little damp still) artwork which they have produced. 

Individual tuition starts at £15 per hour. Group tuition starts from £10 per person for groups of 2-6 people, and discounts are available for larger groups or pre-paid sessions. 

All rates include the basic materials required to complete the lesson, and your first individual lesson is always free!

Contact Mark for more information.